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All great Direct Mail marketing campaigns whether if on television, print, radio or an e-mail blast, has to answer the same basic questions if it is going to be really successful.


1) What product or service are we marketing?
2) Why should they want to buy it?
3) Who are the customers?
4) How best to reach them?
5) Is it worth the expense to produce this campaign?


Obvious, right?  Well, not always.  Each of these questions needs analytical eyes to take to really see if the investment of the campaign is worth it. Let's do the homework first, then on to the campaign, right?

Demand Direct Mail Campaign Card
Demand Direct Mail Campaign Card 2
Direct Mail Card for C & R
Diret Mail back of card C&R Technologies
Demand Direct Mail Campaign Card 4
Demand Direct Mail Campaign Card 3
C&R Technologies Direct Mail

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